Volume 1

The Abstract Depth and Texture (basic) Instructional Video Package (2 videos)

Package Includes:

  • Depth and Texture tutorial for beginners (MP4)
  • Complete transcript (TXT, DOCX)
  • List of materials needed (TXT, DOCX)
  • Sketches for painting challenge (JPG)
  • Bonus video: Black & White Depth and Texture (basic) (MP4)

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This video includes:

  • Commentary from the artist
  • Step by step demonstration
  • Simple techniques
  • Complete list of materials needed
  • Some suggested designs to paint for fun
  • And more..

Abstract Painting Depth and Texture basic is an introductory course that provides a solid foundation for anyone wanting to create more complex and dynamic abstract paintings. The main tutorial video includes commentary from the artist throughout the process and each step is explained in detail while being demonstrated. A transcript of the video is included for translation if needed. A list of materials that were used in the video is provided along with sketches of additional design ideas for an optional painting challenge. In addition to the main package, bonus video Black & White Depth and Texture (basic) is included.


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