What is included in the tutorial packages?

Each package is designed to make learning the process simple. Videos include on-screen step by step instructions, voice-over from the artist, and come with a list of all materials used for the painting (brushes, paints, brands, specific colors, etc.)
What is the benefit of a membership?

Non-members will need to purchase each tutorial individually; however, members are granted access to all existing tutorials along with members exclusive content in the video library and the material lists. Members have access to new tutorials as soon as they are available.
How often are videos added to the library?

Weekly. Videos are regularly added to the library at an average rate of 2 videos per week.
How soon can I access my videos?

Immediately. Once payment has been processed you can begin downloading files and watching videos as much as you want.

Where can I get the materials needed for these paintings?

Materials can be found here: Ray Grimes Fine Art Amazon Shop

If you have any other questions please contact us